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Billy Talbot Band

Billy Talbot Band - Dakota

Billy Talbot is best known as a founding member of Crazy Horse, perhaps the most famous backing band in the world. Recorded at a converted turn-of-the-century schoolhouse in South Dakota, Billy Talbot and bandmate Ryan Holzer translate the strength and beauty of the elemental Great Plains landscape into songs that transcend any specific geography. Rather, they inhabit the realms of the heart and soul. The spirit of what Talbot helped create with Neil Young and Crazy Horse also flows through this record - on a more personal scale, channeled through Talbot’s meditations on the world of Dakota and beyond.

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"Outer Space"


  1. 1. No Regrets
  2. 2. Stick
  3. 3. Something Better
  4. 4. Without A Sound
  5. 5. Feelings Show
  6. 6. Outer Space
  7. 7. Wild Honey
  8. 8. Coyote
  9. 9. When I Awake
  10. 10. Touching

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