New Releases For March 24, 2017

Billy Childs

Billy Childs - Rebirth

At his musical core, Billy Childs is an improvising pianist. He has the ability to equally distill the harmonic and rhythmic languages of classical music and jazz into his playing. The wide-ranging vocabulary on the taut track “Tightrope” begs the question of Childs’ love of classical music; “I’m not just jazz,” he stresses. His insistent pulse and melodically probing introduction to song is a key to the Childs’ musical identity: open to extended harmonic possibilities as they come along, taking a flexible approach to time and leaving an open door for input from his bandmates.

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"The Starry Night"


  1. 1. Backwards Bop
  2. 2. Rebirth
  3. 3. Stay
  4. 4. Dance Of Shiva
  5. 5. Tightrope
  6. 6. The Starry Night
  7. 7. The Windmills Of Your Mind
  8. 8. Peace