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Into The Maelstrom

Bigelf - Into The Maelstrom

When you consider the impact that Bigelf had in 2008 with Cheat the Gallows, it's inevitable that people expected the highly-rated band from Los Angeles to strike again quickly and fiercely. But instead we got an astonishing silence due to an impromptu hiatus and the tragic death of guitarist A.H.M. Butler-Jones.

However, all that is about to change with the arrival of Into the Maelstrom, a new album of melodic prog-doom that eccentric frontman Damon Fox believes will take Bigelf to new heights.

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"Control Freak"


  1. 1. Incredible Time Machine
  2. 2. Hypersleep
  3. 3. Already Gone
  4. 4. Alien Frequency
  5. 5. The Professor & The Madman
  6. 6. Mr. Harry Mcquhae
  7. 7. Vertigod
  8. 8. Control Freak
  9. 9. High
  10. 10. Edge Of Oblivion
  11. 11. Theater Of Dreams
  12. 12. ITM
  13. - I. Destination Unknown
  14. - II. Harbinger Of Death