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Big Star
#1 Record (Vinyl Reissue)

Big Star - #1 Record (Vinyl Reissue)

The legacy of #1 Record has far exceeded the original commercial letdowns of the band's two albums (Radio City and #1 Record), which are now considered to be milestones in the history of rock by critics and musicians alike. The #1 Record LP made it onto Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time lists, and numerous artists (Elliott Smith, Beck, and Jeff Buckley, to name a few) have recorded covers of the band’s songs. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl and cut from the original stereo tapes, this all-analog mastering is a new way to experience one of the most influential debut albums of all time.

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  1. SIDE A:
  2. 1. Feel
  3. 2. The Ballad Of El Goodo
  4. 3. In The Street
  5. 4. Thirteen
  6. 5. Don't Lie To Me
  7. 6. The India Song
  8. SIDE B:
  9. 1. When My Baby's Beside Me
  10. 2. My Life Is Right
  11. 3. Give Me Another Chance
  12. 4. Try Again
  13. 5. Watch The Sunrise
  14. 6. ST/100/6

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