New Releases For September 23, 2014

Betty Buckley

Betty Buckley - Ghostlight

Betty Buckley's new album Ghostlight re-unites her with longtime friend and producer T Bone Burnett. When Buckley and Burnett were both 19 years old, living in Fort Worth, TX, they began making music together. Buckley, who has been called 'The Voice of Broadway,' is one of theater's most respected and legendary leading ladies. Burnett's highly sought after involvement in music, film, TV and stage projects is marked by his uncanny ability to successfully combine his unique artistic sensibilities with massive commercial appeal. These two friends and talents created an atmosphere that takes us to another time and place.


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"Come To Me Bend To Me"


  1. 1. Come To Me Bend To Me
  2. 2. If You Go Away
  3. 3. Blue Skies
  4. 4. Throw It Away
  5. 5. Lazy Afternoon
  6. 6. Bewitched
  7. 7. This Nearly Was Mine
  8. 8. Body And Soul
  9. 9. Comin Back To Me
  10. 10. Dreamsville
  11. 11. Take It With Me When I Go
  12. 12. Where Times Stands Still

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