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Bette Smith
The Good The Bad And The Bette

Bette Smith - The Good The Bad And The Bette

"A rugged, chugging southern soul record... Like Betty Davis or Betty Wright before her, she imbues tracks with shingly, sawtoothed texture, capable of breaking off a high note with a throaty cry or scraping so low and wide that she threatens to put her bass player out of work." - Billboard

“Her dreams are big. Her personality is big. And her band is big. Hear them wail…” - NPR World Café

“Smith’s belated debut taps exquisitely into vintage southern soul with a voice as huge as her Angela Davis afro and a raunchy rasp and scrape that channels Mavis Staples, Etta James and Macy Gray.” - Uncut

TAGS: Americana | R&B | Rock | Soul

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"I Felt It Too"


  1. 1. Fistful Of Dollars
  2. 2. Whistle Stop
  3. 3. I'm A Sinner
  4. 4. I Felt It Too
  5. 5. Signs And Wonders
  6. 6. Human
  7. 7. Song For A Friend
  8. 8. Pine Belt Blues
  9. 9. Everybody Needs Love
  10. 10. Don't Skip Out On Me