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Ben Kweller
Go Fly A Kite

Ben Kweller - Go Fly A Kite

From the first crashing cymbal and dynamic electric riff of 'Mean To Me,' to the closing upbeat declaration of 'You Can Count On Me,' Go Fly A Kite encompasses all the many facets and talents of Ben Kweller.

The songwriting on tracks like 'Free' and 'Full Circle' is relevant and reflective with the ability to both provoke profound thought and incite heavenly daydreams, as you get lost in his unique delivery and pop-driven melodies.

Parallel to the journey he has taken, the new album presents a Ben Kweller that has truly come 'Full Circle.' Immersed in rich harmonies, lush arrangements and bittersweet lyrics, Go Fly A Kite is a celebratory offering of the essential Ben Kweller and serves as a career-defining album with the ability to resonate beyond its time.

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"Jealous Girl"


  1. 1. Mean To Me
  2. 2. Out The Door
  3. 3. Jealous Girl
  4. 4. Gossip
  5. 5. Free
  6. 6. Full Circle
  7. 7. Justify Me
  8. 8. The Rainbow
  9. 9. Time Will Save The Day
  10. 10. I Miss You
  11. 11. You Can Count On Me