New Releases For April 12, 2011

Ben Allison

Ben Allison - Action-Refraction

For his 10th album, Ben Allison captures 'a musical conversation in flux,' putting his own spin on some personal favorites. Says NPR on First Listen: 'When you get jazz-trained musicians to 'cover' a tune, they'll use it as an excuse to channel their individual imaginations. Action-Refraction is a great example: It ambles and shreds; it's carefully arranged, but full of improvisatory zeal. It's got an experimental edge, but in a familiar and fun rather than abstruse way. It's a covers album, but also a Ben Allison album. Happily, neither one trumps the other.'

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  1. 1. Jackie-ing
  2. 2. Missed
  3. 3. Some Day We'll All Be Free
  4. 4. Philadelphia
  5. 5. St Ita's Vision
  6. 6. We've Only Just Begun
  7. 7. Broken