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Béla Fleck & The Flecktones
Rocket Science

Béla Fleck & The Flecktones - Rocket Science

Groundbreaking banjoist/composer/bandleader Béla Fleck has reconvened the original Béla Fleck & The Flecktones, the extraordinary initial line-up of his incredible combo. Rocket Science marks the first recording by the first fab four Flecktones in almost two decades, with pianist/harmonica player Howard Levy back in the fold alongside Fleck, bassist Victor Wooten, and percussionist/ Drumitarist Roy 'Futureman' Wooten. Far from being a wistful trip back in time, the album sees the Grammy Award-winning quartet creating some of the most forward thinking music of their long, storied career.

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"Gravity Lane"


  1. 1. Gravity Lane
  2. 2. Prickly Pear
  3. 3. Joyful Spring
  4. 4. Life in Eleven
  5. 5. Falling Forward
  6. 6. Storm Warning
  7. 7. Like Water
  8. 8. Earthling Parade
  9. 9. The Secret Drawer
  10. 10. Sweet Pomegranates
  11. 11. Falani
  12. 12. Bottle Rocket