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BeauSoleil Avec Michael Doucet
From Bamako To Carencro

BeauSoleil Avec Michael Doucet - From Bamako To Carencro

BeauSoleil is the most well-known band performing music derived from the Cajun culture of Louisiana. With flavors of jazz, blues and rock and roll, the band's cross-genre appeal and instrumental prowess have earned them fans across the roots music world.

Their debut album for Compass Records - From Bamako to Carencro - takes its name from the cultural connection between Bamako, in Mali, West Africa, and Louisiana, symbolized in name by the Lafayette, Louisiana suburb of Carencro. Standout tracks include the Roswell Rudd composition 'Bamako.' a haunting and hypnotic Michael Doucet original entitled 'Carenco,' a Cajun swing version of Coltrane's 'Bessie's Blues,' and a surprising cover of James Brown's 'I'll Go Crazy.'

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"La Douceur"


  1. 1. Two-Step De Port Arthur
  2. 2. La Douceur
  3. 3. Bamako
  4. 4. Carencro
  5. 5. Chanson De Cinquante Sous
  6. 6. Les Barres De La Prison
  7. 7. Bessie's Blues
  8. 8. I'll Go Crazy
  9. 9. You Got To Move
  10. 10. Le Jig Creole
  11. 11. Guilbeau Pelican & Napoléon's Reel

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