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American Dream

Bearthoven - American Dream

The members of Bearthoven (pianist Karl Larson, double bassist Pat Swoboda, and percussionist Matt Evans) are a piano trio in the jazz sense of the term, but in practice, they're a progressive classical ensemble that has become an expressive vehicle for a growing contingent of young composers. The trio's second release on Cantaloupe Music, American Dream, focuses on the work of composer Scott Wollschleger. Larson describes American Dream as “a reflection of the contemporary American state of mind.” Rather than making a direct political statement, the album reflects the contradictory nature of the “American Dream” in our current socio-economic climate.


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  2. 1. Gas Station Canon Song
  3. 2. American Dream: Part I
  4. 3. American Dream: Part II
  5. 4. American Dream: Part III
  6. 5. American Dream: Part IV
  7. 6. American Dream: Part V
  8. 7. We See Things That Are Not There