New Releases For October 22, 2012

Bat For Lashes
The Haunted Man

Bat For Lashes - The Haunted Man

Creative mastermind Natasha Khan, better known as Bat For Lashes, wows listeners across the globe with her latest full-length album, The Haunted Man. The track listing, highlighted by powerful singles 'Laura' and 'All Your Gold,' allows listeners to find themselves intently enjoying a uniquely poetic musical experience. In a time where true artistry is limited and music seems all too formulaic, The Haunted Man is a breath of fresh air. Bat For Lashes' timeless sound and meaningful lyrics come together in what is her most highly anticipated release to date.

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"All Your Gold"


  1. 1. Lilies
  2. 2. All Your Gold
  3. 3. Horses Of The Sun
  4. 4. Oh Yeah
  5. 5. Laura
  6. 6. Winter Fields
  7. 7. The Haunted Man
  8. 8. Marilyn
  9. 9. A Wall
  10. 10. Rest Your Head
  11. 11. Deep See Diver

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