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Bass Drum Of Death
Rip This

Bass Drum Of Death - Rip This

'A perfect form of release - it heaps up mounds of high tension, but in the most cathartic and enjoyable possible way.' *ndash* NPR

'A punk-fired garage tinkerer handy with all the tools one needs to jury-rig some tasty rock nuggets' - SPIN

'Original Rock n' Roll Swagger at its finest' - Hypetrak

'A pungent, effective collision of garage rock-bashing and Ramones sneer' - NY Times


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"For Blood"


  1. 1. Electric
  2. 2. Left For Dead
  3. 3. For Blood
  4. 4. Everything's The Same
  5. 5. Sin Is In 10
  6. 6. Black Don't Glow
  7. 7. Burns My Eye
  8. 8. Lose My Mind
  9. 9. Better Days
  10. 10. Route 69 (Yeah)