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Ballaké Sissoko
At Peace

Ballaké Sissoko - At Peace

At Peace relies on the strong bond that unites its musicians, but it is also an adventurous record, full of chance encounters and acrobatics. The 'peace' displayed in the album is the peace of the brave, of musicians who aren't afraid to rub shoulders with the unexpected and unprecedented.

'I wanted for people to hear musicians in the process of discovery, musicians who sometimes were surprised by what they are playing,' says Sissoko. At a time in history when Mali is going through one of its most troubled and dividing eras, At Peace is also a humbling master class on harmony and healthy community life.

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  1. 1. Maimouna
  2. 2. Boubalaka
  3. 3. Badjourou
  4. 4. Kabou
  5. 5. Nalesonko
  6. 6. Kalata Diata
  7. 7. N'Tomikorobougou
  8. 8. Asa Branca
  9. 9. Kalanso