New Releases For June 3, 2014

Bounce It Out

Balkstar - Bounce It Out

Bounce It Out, the follow up to Balkstar's debut release on T Dance Digital, Passive Aggressive, is a mature 9 song set from an ever evolving artist. His sound, Balkacore, is a fusion of phat beats, percussion grooves, future bass and mad synths. From the moombahton first single release, 'The Zombie Dance,' to the release's title track, Bounce It Out is an EDM ride that will leave you wanting more.

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"Bounce It Out"


  1. 1. Acid Hits
  2. 2. Bounce It Out
  3. 3. Rizification
  4. 4. The Zombie Dance
  5. 5. Everything Is Energy
  6. 6. Solar Flare
  7. 7. Keep Your Trap Shut
  8. 8. Powerball
  9. 9. Temple Of Boom