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Bad Suns
Mystic Truth

Bad Suns - Mystic Truth

Produced by Dave Sardy (The Head And The Heart, The Black Angels, Oasis), Mystic Truth, the third full-length by L.A. band Bad Suns channels that searching quality into songs with a powerful sense of purpose. In creating the album, Bad Suns recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound and at Sardy’s home studio, building on the melodic brilliance first glimpsed on their debut album Language & Perspective - a 2014 release that hit #24 on the Billboard 200 and led to massive tours supporting Halsey and the Neighbourhood.

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"One Magic Moment"


  1. 1. Away We Go
  2. 2. One Magic Moment
  3. 3. A Miracle, A Mile Away
  4. 4. The World And I
  5. 5. Love By Mistake
  6. 6. Darkness Arrives (And Departs)
  7. 7. Hold Your Fire
  8. 8. Howling At The Sun
  9. 9. Separate Seas
  10. 10. Starjumper