New Releases For October 14, 2014

Backbeat Soundsystem
Together Not Apart

Backbeat Soundsystem - Together Not Apart

The UK has long had a tradition of home grown reggae acts and Easy Star Records is proud to release the first full-length record by Backbeat Soundsystem, one of the leading bands of the latest UK reggae wave. Together Not Apart showcases the unique sounds of this up-tempo funky reggae 8-piece. Twelve songs with a sound somewhere between Steel Pulse and SOJA, equal parts political, social, and romantic lyrics.

'...combines the very best of modern 21st century reggae, with the right amount of influence from the old-school....An addictive, accessible album which makes you feel good...' - The Punk Archive (UK)


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"Losing Faith"


  1. 1. Fighting Bull
  2. 2. Hey Girl
  3. 3. Against It All
  4. 4. I Spy
  5. 5. Words Are The Weapon
  6. 6. Come Undone
  7. 7. Losing Faith
  8. 8. Forever Never
  9. 9. Share With You
  10. 10. Two Time
  11. 11. Burning Up
  12. 12. December