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The Age Of Illusion

B-Movie - The Age Of Illusion

The iconic 80's four piece has now reformed, played live and recorded an EP Distant Skies in 2013 which has been added to The Age of Illusion for this deluxe version.

This post-punk keyboard and guitar combo originated from Mansfield, England. Graham Boffey (drums) and Paul Statham (guitar) were one-time members of punk band the Aborted, formed, like so many others, in the wake of the first Clash album. The duo invited Steve Hovington and Rick Holliday along to rehearsals, changing their name to B-Movie.

Fans both new and old will be amazed with this new project.

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"My Old Friend Loneliness"


  1. 1. The Age Of Illusion
  2. 2. Other People's Lives
  3. 3. Perfect Storm
  4. 4. She's A Car Crash
  5. 5. Zeitgeist
  6. 6. The Dreamers
  7. 7. Razor's Edge
  8. 8. Echoes
  9. 9. To The Ends Of The Earth
  10. 10. Dark Lines
  11. 11. So Far Away
  12. 12. Fugitives
  13. 13. My Old Friend Loneliness