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Autumn Sky Wolfe
Just You (EP)

Autumn Sky Wolfe - Just You (EP)

21-year-old Autistic singer Autumn Sky Wolfe’s new release “Just You” from the EP of the same name is a wonderful romantic song for hangin’ with your significant other. Nominated for Best New Artist of the Year and Best Crossover Artist of the Year by the 2015 New Music Weekly Awards, Autumn Sky Wolfe has really stepped it up a notch this time.

"Hi, My name is Autumn Sky Wolfe, I love to sing. It's pretty much my favorite thing. I want to tell you that you CAN do ANYTHING you put your mind to! If you have a favorite thing, YOU JUST GO FOR IT!!!!"

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"Just You"


  1. 1. Just You
  2. 2. Endless Ride
  3. 3. If You Ask Me To
  4. 4. Complicated Eyes
  5. 5. Fire And Ice

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