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Astral Doors
Worship Or Die

Astral Doors - Worship Or Die

Since their debut Of The Son And The Father in 2003, the band from Swedish Borlänge has successfully cultivated their very own form of retro, based on the musical success of legends such as Rainbow, Dio and Black Sabbath, combined with elements of modern heavy metal. A concept that has brought the band repeated chart successes in Europe and Japan to this day. Worship Or Die is the band's 9th studio album and their most melodic album since New Revelation (2007), yet one of the hardest in the Astral Doors catalog.

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"Night Of The Hunter"


  1. 1. Night Of The Hunter
  2. 2. This Must Be Paradise
  3. 3. Worship Or Die
  4. 4. Concrete Heart
  5. 5. Marathon
  6. 6. Desperado
  7. 7. Ride The Clouds
  8. 8. Light At The End Of The Tunnel
  9. 9. St. Petersburg
  10. 10. Triumph And Superiority
  11. 11. Let The Fire Burn
  12. 12. Forgive Me Father

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