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As It Is - okay.

To record okay., As It Is trod new territory with producer Mike Green (Pierce The Veil, All Time Low) by molding a record that leaves the band unabashedly honest and entirely transparent, expanding their sonic depth while still holding on to the classic As It Is undertones that fans have grown to love and hold on to. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of influences, the eleven melodically diverse tracks of okay. aim to bring a truly relatable and deeply personal story to the band's audience, a conceptual world that puts listeners into the band's shoes and conveys a common realization that it's “okay” to not be okay.

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"Pretty Little Distance"


  1. 1. Pretty Little Distance
  2. 2. Okay
  3. 3. Hey Rachel
  4. 4. Patchwork Love
  5. 5. Curtains Close
  6. 6. No Way Out
  7. 7. Soap
  8. 8. Austen
  9. 9. Until I Return
  10. 10. The Coast Is Where Home Is
  11. 11. Still Remembering

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