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Art Pepper
The Art Pepper Quartet (Deluxe Reissue)

Art Pepper - The Art Pepper Quartet (Deluxe Reissue)

Recorded in late 1956 and released in early 1957, the same year as the landmark Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section, The Art Pepper Quartet (Art Pepper: saxophone; Russ Freeman: piano; Ben Tucker: bass; Gary Fromer: drums) is being reissued as a deluxe package. To make this even more special and unique, the alternate take of “Blues At Twilight” has been included as a bonus track. A gem on all fronts, this is how jazz should be experienced.

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"Bésame Mucho"


  1. 1. Art’s Opus
  2. 2. I Surrender Dear
  3. 3. Diane
  4. 4. Pepper Pot
  5. 5. Bésame Mucho
  6. 6. Blues At Twilight
  7. 7. Val’s Pal
  8. Bonus Tracks:
  9. 8. Pepper Pot (Alternate)
  10. 9. Blues At Twilight (Alternate)
  11. 10. Val’s Pal (Take 1)
  12. 11. Val’s Pal (Take 2 Incomplete/Take 3 False Start/Take 4)
  13. 12. Val’s Pal (Take 5/Take 6 Incomplete)

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