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Ariel Pocock
Living In Twilight

Ariel Pocock - Living In Twilight

Produced by Matt Pierson, Living In Twilight is jazz pianist, vocalist and composer Ariel Pocock’s follow-up to her critically acclaimed release Touchstone. Joined by Jim Doxas (drums) and Adrian Vedady (bass) with special guest guitarist Chico Pinheiro, the song selection is original, thoughtful and surprising. From classic American Songbook fare - Cole Porter’s “So In Love” to Chick Corea’s “500 Miles” to breathtaking interpretations of Adele’s “Someone Like You” and the title track by the Weepies, “Living In Twilight.” Ariel’s chops are also on display with originals “Gonzalo’s Melody,” and the reflective “So Long.”

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"The Very Thought Of You"


  1. 1. The Very Thought Of You
  2. 2. 500 Miles High
  3. 3. Living In Twilight
  4. 4. So In Love
  5. 5. Someone Like You
  6. 6. Saudocoes
  7. 7. So Long
  8. 8. I Love You
  9. 9. To Be Alone With You
  10. 10. Gonzalo’s Melody
  11. 11. When You Wish Upon A Star
  12. 12. Hymn
  13. 13. Go Leave