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Ari Hest
Sunset Over Hope Street

Ari Hest - Sunset Over Hope Street

Sunset Over Hope Street is Ari Hest's first album of new material in four years. A slight departure from previous albums, the sound and songs are filled with piano, string arrangements and unique percussion parts. Ari does over 150 dates a year and will be touring through the spring and summer of 2011.

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"How Would I Know"


  1. 1. Until Next Time
  2. 2. How Would I Know
  3. 3. A Way Back Home
  4. 4. Business Of America
  5. 5. One Track Mind
  6. 6. If I Knew You'd Say Yes
  7. 7. Sunset Over Hope Street
  8. 8. Down The Mountain
  9. 9. Give It Time
  10. 10. Swan Song
  11. 11. A Good Look Around