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Anubis Gate
Covered In Colours

Anubis Gate - Covered In Colours

Anubis Gate returns with their 9th studio release in these dark times to light up the world. After recording the dark and introspective album Covered In Black the band needed a counterweight album, so they decided to release an album of tracks they were greatly inspired by in their youth, careers and by contemporaries. They believe it’s a cover album like no other cover album you’ve ever heard. Just as much care has gone into Covered In Colours as any other Anubis Gate album.

TAGS: Prog Rock | Rock

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"Still Life In Mobile Homes (By Japan)"


  1. Starters:
  2. 1. Still Life In Mobile Homes (By Japan)
  3. 2. Red (By King Crimson)
  4. 3. Plantage (By Under Byen)
  5. The Jazz-Metal Lounge:
  6. 4. Experiment (By Voivod)
  7. 5. Chromazone (By Mike Stern)
  8. 6. Glamour Profession (By Steely Dan)
  9. The Beautiful Ones:
  10. 7. Entangled (By Genesis)
  11. 8. Atlas (By Coldplay)
  12. The Eighties Corner:
  13. 9. To France (By Mike Oldfield)
  14. 10. Fade To Grey (By Visage)
  15. 11. S.A.T.O. (By Ozzy Osbourne)
  16. No, They Didn’t…:
  17. 12. Aggressive Perfector (By Slayer)
  18. 13. Back In Black (By AC/DC)
  19. 14. Strawberry Fields Forever (By The Beatles)

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