New Releases For September 1, 2017

Anubis Gate
Covered In Black

Anubis Gate - Covered In Black

With six highly acclaimed albums, what can be said about their seventh? Well, it’s not the happy affair of their last few, that is certain. While not a “concept album” it is very much a “theme album.” The title Covered In Black gives you a peek into its depths of melodic darkness; the album dealing with and dedicated to “people in dark places.” The band dug deep into its collective pool of experiences and musical knowledge with inspiration coming from a large spectrum ranging from classical chamber music, seventies prog extending to thrash and eastern influences.

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  1. 1. Psychotopia
  2. 2. The New Delhi Assassination
  3. 3. The Combat
  4. 4. Too Much Time
  5. 5. A Journey To Nowhere
  6. 6. Black
  7. 7. Blacker
  8. 8. Blackest
  9. 9. Operation Cairo
  10. 10. From Afar

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