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Anne Akiko Meyers
Serenade: The Love Album

Anne Akiko Meyers - Serenade: The Love Album

Anne Akiko Meyers’ Serenade: The Love Album is an exploration of love in all its dimensions, featuring Leonard Bernstein’s “Serenade” and ten world premieres from seven living composer-arrangers. The Serenade is based on a reading of Plato’s Symposium, in which seven ancient Greek philosophers debate their thoughts about love at a raucous dinner party. Meyers thought it fitting to pair Serenade with newly commissioned love-inspired music from seven living arrangers.

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"Ennio Morricone & Andrea Morricone: Love Theme From "Cinema Paradiso""


  1. 1. Leonard Bernstein: Serenade: I. Phaedrus; Pausanias (Lento; Allegro Marcato)
  2. 2. Leonard Bernstein: Serenade: II. II. Aristophanes (Allegretto)
  3. 3. Leonard Bernstein: Serenade: III. III. Eryximachus (Presto)
  4. 4. Leonard Bernstein: Serenade: IV. IV. Agathon (Adagio)
  5. 5. Leonard Bernstein: Serenade: V. V. Socrates; Alcibiades (Molto Tenuto; Allegro Molto Vivace)
  6. 6. Ennio Morricone & Andrea Morricone: Love Theme From "Cinema Paradiso"
  7. 7. David Raksin: Laura
  8. 8. George Gershwin: Someone To Watch Over Me
  9. 9. George Gershwin: Summertime
  10. 10. Ennio Morricone: 'Gabriel's Oboe' From "The Mission"
  11. 11. Michel Colombier: Emmanuel
  12. 12. Jacob Gade: Jalousie
  13. 13. Astor Piazzolla: Oblivion
  14. 14. Leigh Harline: Wish Upon A Star
  15. 15. Sammy Fain: I'll Be Seeing You
  16. 16. Leonard Bernstein: 'Somewhere' from "West Side Story"

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