Adult Contemporary Releases

Angie Stone

Angie Stone - Unexpected

For three decades, vocalist Angie Stone has been surprising audiences, critics, peers and the music industry itself.

Born and raised in the Southern gospel tradition - while at the same time absorbing the gritty and impassioned anthems generated by soul icons of the 1960s - Stone has since mapped a life-long journey that encompasses rap, neo-soul, hip-hop, R&B, jazz and more.

Along the way, attempts to pin her down according to this category or that movement have been challenging if not impossible. With each new recording, with each next step in her career, she has consistently hit the world with something it didn't see coming.


  1. Unexpected
  2. I Ain't Hearin' U
  3. Free
  4. Maybe
  5. Hey Mr. DJ
  6. Kiss All Over Your Body
  7. I Don't Care
  8. Why Is It
  9. Tell Me
  10. Think Sometimes
  11. I Found A Keeper
  12. Unexpected (reprise)