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Andy Bey
The World According To Andy Bey

Andy Bey - The World According To Andy Bey

Andy Bey - vocalist, pianist, composer - could be called a late bloomer. Performing professionally since he was a kid, but much of his career flew under the press radar. Now he's reaping real recognition, copping the Jazz Journalists Association award for best male jazz singer three times in the last few years.

Backed only by his own piano playing - singing with a luxuriant, mature approach that pulls no punches. His delivery is totally unique. Featuring four of his own intensely personal compositions the set list is as thought-provoking as it is satisfying, just like Andy Bey himself.

TAGS: Jazz | Jazz Vocals

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"Love Is Here To Stay"


  1. 1. It Never Entered My Mind
  2. 2. But Not For Me
  3. 3. Dedicated To Miles
  4. 4. The Demons Are After You
  5. 5. Love Is Here To Stay
  6. 6. There's So Many Ways To Approach The Blues
  7. 7. The Joint Is Jumpin'
  8. 8. Being Part Of What's Happening Now
  9. 9. The Morning After
  10. 10. 'S Wonderful
  11. 11. Dissertation On The State Of Bliss