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Andrew Neil
Merry Go Round

Andrew Neil - Merry Go Round

A straightforward alternative album with an overt '90s vibe. Neil writes captivating lyrics in this accessible album along with intricately composed riffs and guitar solos, emotive singing. At times, one is reminded of Elliot Smith, Nick Drake and Kurt Cobain. The album explores themes of struggle, forgiveness, desire and redemption, taking the listener on an emotional journey. Each track a reflection of the singer’s emotions throughout different parts of his life, something rarely experienced in contemporary music albums today. This album is a relatable journey through many trials and tribulations that lead to light at the end of the tunnel.

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"Merry Go Round"


  1. 1. Divide And Conquer
  2. 2. Merry Go Round
  3. 3. Storm
  4. 4. Red
  5. 5. In the Air
  6. 6. I Wish
  7. 7. No Longer
  8. 8. Sorry Kyle
  9. 9. Princess Never
  10. 10. Tie Dye Dinosaur
  11. 11. Beautiful Mess

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