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Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil - Freak

This album is an ambitious work, with 14 unique tracks that address topics of love, faith, mental illness and self-identity. The album is lush with a diversity of genres including grunge, alternative rock, pop and soul-searching singer-songwriter vibe. Each song sounds completely different, with an eclectic mix of styles that keeps the music fresh. It is a treasure of honest, straightforward, relatable songwriting. Even more remarkable, Andrew Neil was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in the midst of recording this album. Vocal tracks were recorded in between intense chemotherapy treatments. Upon release of the album, Andrew was declared in remission.

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  1. 1. Freak
  2. 2. Kentucky Whiskey
  3. 3. Hope
  4. 4. Overdose
  5. 5. Help
  6. 6. Rain
  7. 7. All Over
  8. 8. Put Me Back Together
  9. 9. Drunk Tonight
  10. 10. American Dream
  11. 11. Drum Song
  12. 12. Beautiful Dancer
  13. 13. Thirty-Two
  14. 14. Disappear

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