New Releases For April 1, 2016

Andrew Bird
Are You Serious

Andrew Bird - Are You Serious

With his new album, Are You Serious, Andrew Bird has widened the breadth of his art by directly reflecting his own human experience. With key contributions from Fiona Apple and Blake Mills, Are You Serious attains a level of expression that's a personal, evolutionary leap. It the second record Bird has made with producer Tony Berg, following 2005's breakthrough The Mysterious Production of Eggs.

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  1. 1. Capsized
  2. 2. Roma Fade
  3. 3. Truth Lies Low
  4. 4. Puma
  5. 5. Chemical Switches
  6. 6. Left Handed Kisses
  7. 7. Are You Serious
  8. 8. Saints Preservus
  9. 9. The New Saint Jude
  10. 10. Valleys Of The Young
  11. 11. Bellevue

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