New Releases For April 6, 2018

Andreas Varady
The Quest

Andreas Varady - The Quest

"When Andreas plays, all you can do is listen, because you are simply left without words." - Quincy Jones

The Quest is guitar virtuoso Andreas Varady’s debut on Resonance Records and his clarion call statement as an artist. Discovered by the legendary producer Quincy Jones at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2012 at a mere 15 years of age, Varady has gone on to wow established music icons such as George Benson and Marcus Miller, as well as fans around the world. Varady’s father, Bandi, plays bass and his younger brother, Adrian (15), plays drums, joined by the fiery duo of Venezuelan pianist Benito Gonzalez and Slovakian saxophonist Radovan Tariška.

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"Radio Joint"


  1. 1. Lost Memories
  2. 2. Radio Joint
  3. 3. Follow Me
  4. 4. The Time Is Now
  5. 5. Patience
  6. 6. The Quest
  7. 7. Story
  8. 8. Her Dream
  9. 9. Radiska
  10. 10. Outro