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And The Kids
When This Life Is Over

And The Kids - When This Life Is Over

And The Kids’ highly anticipated third album from Signature Sounds, When This Life Is Over, is praised by NPR for "striking vocals [that] rival the vibrato and boldness of Siouxsie Sioux." Lead vocalist and songwriter, Hannah Mohan writes, "We wanted to break the rules of what an album should be like. We included bedroom demos and didn't worry about how we might play these songs live which can be very restrictive. We let everything go so that we could be our most creative selves. Although the title and theme might appear dark, it's actually about the remarkable beautiful freedom of the afterlife."

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  1. 1. No Way Sit Back
  2. 2. Butterfingers
  3. 3. Champagne Ladies
  4. 4. 2003
  5. 5. The Final Free
  6. 6. When This Life Is Over
  7. 7. Special For Nothing
  8. 8. Get To That Place
  9. 9. Somethings (Are) Good
  10. 10. White Comforters
  11. 11. Religion
  12. 12. Basically We Are Dead

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