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And The Kids
Friends Share Lovers

And The Kids - Friends Share Lovers

On Friends Share Lovers, And The Kids channel existential crises into ten songs of pop euphoria. With this sleight of hand, the Northampton, MA quartet conjure chunky indie rock, blissful new wave, jarring avant-garde, and brawny classic rock. Friends Share Lovers is an epiphanic entry in the band’s catalog as it showcases the group’s roiling emotionality in wider artistic palette settings.

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"Friends Share Lovers"


  1. 1. Kick Rocks
  2. 2. I Dropped Out
  3. 3. Cheer For Babies
  4. 4. Picture
  5. 5. Friends Share Lovers
  6. 6. Creeper
  7. 7. Without Purpose
  8. 8. I Can’t Tell What The Time Is Telling Me
  9. 9. Strange To Be
  10. 10. Pennies, Rice

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