New Releases For June 10, 2014

Distant Satellites

Anathema - Distant Satellites

Distant Satellites is the culmination of everything Anathema been working up to so far in our musical path. It contains almost every conceivable element of the heartbeat of Anathema music that it is possible to have. There is beauty, intensity, drama, quietude, and extra musical dimensions that the band have previously only hinted at. All built on the song writing chemistry of Daniel, John and Vincent - and the haunting voice of Lee Douglas. Produced and mixed by Christer-André Cederberg with some songs mixed by Steven Wilson.

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"The Lost Song Part 3"


  1. 1. The Lost Song Part 1
  2. 2. The Lost Song Part 2
  3. 3. Dusk (Dark Is Descending)
  4. 4. Ariel
  5. 5. The Lost Song Part 3
  6. 6. Anathema
  7. 7. You're Not Alone
  8. 8. Firelight
  9. 9. Distant Satellites
  10. 10. Take Shelter

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