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Amythyst Kiah
Wary + Strange

Amythyst Kiah - Wary + Strange

The Rounder Records debut from Amythyst Kiah, Wary + Strange, marks the glorious collision of two vastly different worlds: the iconoclastic alt-rock that first sparked her musical passion, and the roots/old-time music scene where she’s found breakout success in recent years. Produced by Tony Berg (Phoebe Bridgers, Amos Lee, Andrew Bird) and made with esteemed musicians like Blake Mills, Wary + Strange arrives as a deeply immersive body of work, endlessly redefining the limits of roots music in its inventive rhythms and textures.

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"Black Myself"


  1. 1. Soapbox
  2. 2. Black Myself
  3. 3. Wild Turkey
  4. 4. Hangover Blues
  5. 5. Fancy Drones (Fracture Me)
  6. 6. Firewater
  7. 7. Tender Organs
  8. 8. Ballad Of Lost
  9. 9. Sleeping Queen
  10. 10. Opaque
  11. 11. Soapbox Reprise

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 29
    Somerville, MA, US Amythyst Kiah at Crystal Ballroom
  • Oct 29
    Somerville, MA, US Amythyst Kiah at Crystal Ballroom at Somerville Theatre
  • Nov 12
    Minneapolis, MN, US Amythyst Kiah at Parkway Theater
  • Jan 15
    Munich, Germany Amythyst Kiah at Ampere, Muffatwerk
  • Jan 16
    Berlin, Germany Amythyst Kiah at Lido
  • Jan 19
    London, UK Amythyst Kiah at Bush Hall
  • Jan 24
    Dublin, Ireland Amythyst Kiah at Whelans
  • Jan 26
    Paris, France Amythyst Kiah at Point Éphémère
  • Apr 29
    Indio, CA, US Stagecoach Country Music Festival 2022
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