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Amy Ray - Holler

Amy Ray, still thriving as one half of Grammy-winning folk duo Indigo Girls, presents Holler which includes a special double LP version. Inspired by her Southern upbringing and her home in rural Georgia, Holler finds Ray once again displaying her knack for straddling the line between the personal and the political on these songs. Along with her touring and recording band, Holler features a horn section on some tracks and appearances by Justin Vernon, Phil Cook, Derek Trucks, Brandi Carlile, Lucy Wainwright Roche, the Wood Brothers, Vince Gill and more.

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"Sure Feels Good Anyway"


  1. 1. Gracie's Dawn
  2. 2. Sure Feels Good Anyway
  3. 3. Dadgum Down
  4. 4. Last Taxi Fare
  5. 5. Old Lady Interlude
  6. 6. Sparrow's Boogie
  7. 7. Oh City Man
  8. 8. Fine With The Dark
  9. 9. Tonight I'm Paying The Rent
  10. 10. Holler
  11. 11. Jesus Was A Walking Man
  12. 12. Sparrow's Lullaby
  13. 13. Bondsman (Evening In Missouri)
  14. 14. Didn't Know A Damn Thing

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