New Releases For August 17, 2010

American Hi-Fi
Fight The Frequency

American Hi-Fi - Fight The Frequency

Fight the Frequency is the fourth full-length studio album from pop punk band American Hi-Fi. Work on the album began in May 2007 when the band first entered the studio to record a follow-up to Hearts on Parade, but due to label issues and band members Stacy Jones and Jamie Arentzen touring as part of Miley Cyrus' backing band, the record which was planned for release in May 2009 was delayed until 2010. This is the first album to feature original drummer Brian Nolan since 2003's The Art Of Losing.

TAGS: Alternative | Punk

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  1. 1. Fight The Frequency
  2. 2. This Is A Low
  3. 3. Where Love Is A Lie
  4. 4. Acetate
  5. 5. Lost
  6. 6. Keep It Like A Secret
  7. 7. Frat Clump
  8. 8. Lookout For Hope
  9. 9. A Taste For Crime
  10. 10. Stargazer
  11. 11. Bullet
  12. 12. Tiny Spark