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American Head Charge
Tango Umbrella

American Head Charge - Tango Umbrella

Shoot, American Head Charge's 2013 EP, marked the band's rebirth, but now it`s time to do the full-length tango. American Head Charge describe their fourth album as follows: "We touched upon different directions. Our influences come from the early ‘90s, Ministry, Tool, PJ Harvey and so forth. We cover a lot on Tango Umbrella. If people dig it – Cool. If not: Go F Yourself!” Harsh words, harsh riffs: the foundation of American Head Charge`s sound still remains firmly rooted in catchy alternative metal, the NWOAHM, industrial parts and groovy heaviness.

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  1. 1. Let All The World Believe
  2. 2. Drowning Under Everything
  3. 3. Perfectionist
  4. 4. Sacred
  5. 5. I Will Have My Day
  6. 6. A King Among Men
  7. 7. Suffer Elegantly
  8. 8. Antidote
  9. 9. Prolific Catastrophe
  10. 10. Down And Depraved
  11. 11. When The Time Is Never Right