New Releases For September 6, 2011

AM & Shawn Lee
Celestial Electric

AM & Shawn Lee - Celestial Electric

The L.A. to London, transatlantic musical collaboration between AM and Shawn Lee was conceived after AM heard Lee's Music And Rhythm album on the radio in Los Angeles and reached out to him via email. The two became quick friends sharing a love for vintage grooves and 60's and 70's soundtrack music and decided to embark on making an album 21st century style.

With AM in Los Angeles and Shawn Lee in London the two began bouncing tracks back and fourth resulting in Celestial Electric; a musical match made in cyberspace propelling the duo into their best work yet. AM's honeyed vocals ride a driving percussion section straight into walls of shimmering guitars and glassy keyboards pulling elements as disparate as Gary Numan, Jorge Ben, and Ariel Pink into perfect future pop.

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"Dark Into Light"


  1. 1. City Boy
  2. 2. Lonely Life
  3. 3. Can't Figure It Out
  4. 4. Dark Into Light
  5. 5. Different Forces
  6. 6. Jackie Blue
  7. 7. Somebody Like You
  8. 8. Promises are Never Far From Lies
  9. 9. Down The Line
  10. 10. The Signal
  11. 11. Winter Sun
  12. 12. Callahan