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Alison Brown
The Song Of The Banjo (Deluxe Edition)

Alison Brown - The Song Of The Banjo (Deluxe Edition)

Grammy-winning musician Alison Brown plants another flag in her journey of musical exploration with The Song Of The Banjo. One of the finest 5-string banjo players in the world, the 2015 IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award recipient and Compass Records co-founder delivers a program that mixes cinemascope originals with surprising instrumental and vocal covers, boldly going where no banjo has gone before. The Song Of The Banjo is as ground-breaking as it is beautiful. With: Indigo Girls, Colin Hay, Keb’ Mo’, Jake Shimabukuro, Rob Ickes and Steve Gadd.

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"What's Going On? (With Keb'Mo')"


  1. 1. The Song Of The Banjo
  2. 2. Dance With Me (With Rob Ickes)
  3. 3. Carolina In The Pines (With Indigo Girls)
  4. 4. A Long Way Gone
  5. 5. Windansea
  6. 6. Time After Time
  7. 7. Stuff Happens
  8. 8. I'll Never Fall In Love Again (With Colin Hay)
  9. 9. Airish
  10. 10. Feels So Good (With Jake Shimabukuro)
  11. 11. The Moon In Molly's Eyes
  12. 12. Musette For The Last Fret
  13. Deluxe Edition Bonus Track:
  14. 13. What's Going On? (With Keb'Mo')

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