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Alien Weaponry

Alien Weaponry - Tu

“They believe in their identity as a metal band, their use of Te Reo is impressive, there’s really nothing else like this in the world at the moment” (Jeff Newton, NZ On Air).

The trio shocks and surprises audiences on a number of levels: Alien Weaponry’s songwriting is complex, developed and highly political. Their live performance energy is startling, with just two fifteen-year olds commanding the front of stage as effectively as four- and five-piece bands three times their age. But perhaps most surprising of all, many of their songs are in New Zealand’s native language, Te Reo Māori.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock | Thrash

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"Kai Tangata"


  1. 1. Whaikōrero
  2. 2. Rū Ana Te Whenua
  3. 3. Holding My Breath
  4. 4. Raupatu
  5. 5. Kai Tangata
  6. 6. Rage - It Takes Over Again
  7. 7. The Things That You Know
  8. 8. Whispers
  9. 9. PC Bro
  10. 10. Urutaa
  11. 11. Nobody Here
  12. 12. Te Ara
  13. 13. Hypocrite

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 02
    Nickelsdorf, Austria Nova Rock Festival 2021
  • Jun 02
    Gdansk, Poland Mystic Festival 2021
  • Jun 03
    Interlaken, Switzerland Greenfield Festival 2021
  • Oct 07
    Sacramento, CA, US Monster Energy Aftershock 2021
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