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Alicia Witt
Revisionary History

Alicia Witt - Revisionary History

Singer, songwriter, classically trained pianist and acclaimed actor Alicia Witt (Justified, House Of Lies) presents her first full-length studio album, Revisionary History.

Ben Folds teamed up with Alicia to produce Revisionary History, an album of songs that deal in themes of heartbreak, loyalty, and the amazing power that comes with finding one’s own voice and using it. The album features Folds on backing vocals as well as on drums, bass, percussion, electric guitar and more. Multi-instrumentalist Joe Pisapia also lends acoustic guitar, pedal steel, backing vocals, and additional percussion.

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"About Me"


  1. 1. Friend
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. Already Gone
  4. 4. Down (Featuring T.O.N.E-Z)
  5. 5. Blind
  6. 6. Theme From Pasadena (You Can Go Home) (Featuring Ben Folds)
  7. 7. Consolation Prize
  8. 8. New Word
  9. 9. I’m Not Ready For Christmas (Bonus Track)