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Alfredo Rodríguez
Sounds Of Space

Alfredo Rodríguez - Sounds Of Space

Sounds Of Space, the title of Cuban pianist and composer Alfredo Rodríguez' debut recording evokes images of science fiction. In truth, it's about a far more personal adventure.

'It's about the space that surrounds us,' he explains. 'In this record I wanted to introduce myself: here are the people, the places and the sounds that have surrounded me, and made me who I am.'

A key player in Rodríguez' extraordinary story is producer Quincy Jones, who co-produced Sounds Of Space with Rodríguez. 'He is very special, and I do not say that easily because I have been surrounded by the best musicians in the world my entire life,' said Jones. 'And he is one of the best.'

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  1. 1. Qbafrica
  2. 2. Sueno De Paseo
  3. 3. Silence
  4. 4. Cu-Bop
  5. 5. April
  6. 6. Oxygen
  7. 7. Sounds Of Space
  8. 8. Crossing The Border
  9. 9. ...Y Bailaria La Negra? [A Ernesto Lecuona]
  10. 10. Transculturation
  11. 11. Fog

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