New Releases For March 1, 2011


Alexander - Alexander

Alexander is Alex Ebert from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Edward Sharpe's debut album, Up From Below was released in 2009 and has sold nearly 200,000 albums to date. After much success with Edward Sharpe, Ebert is taking time between albums to release his solo project. Having recorded every aspect of the album himself, Alexander's self-titled record is complete with ten songs and is sure to please fans of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros while welcoming new listeners with open arms.

TAGS: Indie Rock

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"A Million Years"


  1. 1. Lets Win!
  2. 2. Awake My Body
  3. 3. Truth
  4. 4. In The Twilight
  5. 5. Bad Bad Love
  6. 6. Old Friend
  7. 7. A Million Years
  8. 8. Remember Our Heart
  9. 9. Glimpses
  10. 10. Lets Make A Deal To Not Make A Deal