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Alex Chilton
A Man Called Destruction

Alex Chilton - A Man Called Destruction

The ’90s found the Box Tops and Big Star singer crooning a set of standards (on Clichés, his first full-length in seven years), touring with a reformed Big Star, and releasing 1995’s A Man Called Destruction. Destruction was a classic Chilton mix of originals and covers, this time with a full-horn section. A mix of garage rock, jazz and R&B. Two decades later, Destruction reappears - complete with seven previously unissued tracks from the original sessions and new liner notes from best-selling writer Bob Mehr (Trouble Boys: The True Story Of The Replacements). To make this reintroduction even more special, the title is making its vinyl debut.

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"Devil Girl"


  1. 1. Sick And Tired
  2. 2. Devil Girl
  3. 3. Lies
  4. 4. It’s Your Funeral
  5. 5. What’s Your Sign Girl
  6. 6. Il Rebelle
  7. 7. You Don’t Have To Go
  8. 8. Boplexity
  9. 9. New Girl In School
  10. 10. You’re Lookin’ Good
  11. 11. Don’t Know Anymore
  12. 12. Don’t Stop
  13. Previously Unissued Bonus Tracks:
  14. 13. Devil Girl (Double-Track Vocal)
  15. 14. Don’t Know Anymore (Rough Mix)
  16. 15. Give It To Me Baby (Take 3)
  17. 16. You’re My Favorite
  18. 17. (I Don’t Know Why) But I Do
  19. 18. Please Pass Me My Walkin’ Shoes
  20. 19. Why Should I Care/It’s Your Funeral
  21. LP Includes Download Card

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