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Alejandro Escovedo
La Cruzada

Alejandro Escovedo - La Cruzada

This is Alejandro Escovedo's critically acclaimed album, The Crossing, with the vocals recorded in Spanish. With the lyrics translated into and sung in Spanish, the concept album which tells the story of two young immigrants to the US, who bond over a mutual love of punk rock as they struggle with the racism and discrimination as immigrants, becomes an even more intimate experience. It features guest vocalists, as well as Alejandro singing all of the songs from The Crossing in Spanish. Vocalists on the album include Alex Ruiz (Chingon), Patricia Vonne, Vanessa Del Fierro and Alejandro Escovedo. Tracks like, “Algo Azul,” (“Something Blue”) “Sónica USA” “Bandido Para Ti” (“Outlaw For You”) really shine here.

TAGS: Americana | Latin | Roots

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"Algo Azul"


  1. 1. Andaré
  2. 2. Pasos Por Las Sombras
  3. 3. Tejas Es Mi Madre
  4. 4. Equipaje Adolescente
  5. 5. Algo Azul
  6. 6. Bandido Para Ti
  7. 7. Amor Puro
  8. 8. Esperándome
  9. 9. Cuantas Veces
  10. 10. Lluvia De Flor De Cerezo
  11. 11. Sónica USA
  12. 12. Rio Navidad
  13. 13. Ciudad Plateada
  14. 14. Furia Y Fuego
  15. 15. Volador
  16. 16. MC Overload
  17. 17. La Cruzada

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