New Releases For July 31, 2015

Albert Hammond Jr.
Momentary Masters

Albert Hammond Jr. - Momentary Masters

Albert Hammond Jr. has called his third solo album Momentary Masters. Many years have passed since the release of his two solo records, 2006’s Yours To Keep and 2008’s ¿Cómo Te Llama?, and truthfully, the person who created those songs is in a very different place now. Back then Hammond Jr. was swept up in a whirlwind, one-fifth of the Strokes, indulging in an intoxicating cocktail of excess and all-consuming romances. When he finally sobered up, getting back into writing music was a daunting challenge. For Hammond Jr. there’s an unwavering thrill in creation and completion, and a hunger too for what’s next: he’s excited to get these songs on the road.

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"Losing Touch"


  1. 1. Born Slippy
  2. 2. Power Hungry
  3. 3. Caught By My Shadow
  4. 4. Coming To Getcha
  5. 5. Losing Touch
  6. 6. Don't Think Twice
  7. 7. Razors Edge
  8. 8. Touché
  9. 9. Drunched In Crumbs
  10. 10. Side Boob