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Alan Jackson
The Bluegrass Album

Alan Jackson - The Bluegrass Album

Country music superstar Alan Jackson releases his first bluegrass album - appropriately titled The Bluegrass Album. Jackson wrote eight songs for the album, which also includes a couple of well-known standards of the genre, including Bill Monroe's 'Blue Moon of Kentucky.'

The Bluegrass Album is a labor of love for Alan. 'I just wanted to make it for me, to show my appreciation for bluegrass. It's one of the last real American music [genres], where it's real songwriting, singers, and harmonies, and real players.'

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"Blue Ridge Mountain Song"


  1. 1. Long Hard Road
  2. 2. Mary
  3. 3. Wild And Blue
  4. 4. Appalachian Mountain Girl
  5. 5. Ain't Got Trouble Now
  6. 6. Blue Ridge Mountain Song
  7. 7. Tie Me Down
  8. 8. There Is A Time
  9. 9. Blue Side Of Heaven
  10. 10. Let's Get Back To Me And You
  11. 11. Way Beyond The Blue
  12. 12. Knew It All Along
  13. 13. Blacktop
  14. 14. Blue Moon Of Kentucky

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